Where are you little girl? 

I been walking around, looking for a girl that I used to know, I lost her sometime ago when a boy took her heart and showed her the world. Don’t get me wrong he loved her dearly, but she was to young to know what to do with love that great. So little by little she killed it almost as an act of slef destruction, she couldn’t believe that she deserved love so great. And with this act of terrorism to herself she took him down a dark road, one he was hoping never to see again. But he loved her to much to walk away. Time pass and things would get better at times, but some how they always found themselves walking through hell. Forgetting that they hold each others salvation in there hands. The pain was to big, and that battles with there own demons left them blind to love. The bed grew colder with every night they were to loss to find each other again. I seen this girl sometimes wondering when I will find her again, she shows herself in back of the mirror, and sadly disappear with disappointment when I ignore her pleas to saver her. I seen that boy too the one that with a smile came to lover her , and she shot him with lies and confusion. He stood up any ways and loved her every day until his heart couldn’t  give her more, and slowly turned cold and broken. So here they are lost in the race of the world hoping the pain would stop as the power through the to do of the world….

Alejandra Negrete 



Is a beautiful spring day, the sun is shining bright and the sky is a breath taking deep blue, the grass is green and soft, and my soul wishes it  could fly through the clouds and leave my sorrows in the ground…

Close my eyes and travel to memories of better times, when my heart smiled at the hope of a new day and at the expectation of seeing love at my doorstep…

Those were great days… Full of laughter and hope, sun and sand. Even in winter nights there reason to smile at the heat of love. 

Yet today still a great day, even when my heart feels heavy, the day is bright and full of hope for an adventure…

Alejandra Negrete