When the world gets too busy, and life seems overwhelming…

When all the days run into each other and time keeps running through my fingers…

When I failed even with the smallest things…

When I forget who I am…

When I lose my smile in the midst of the day…

When getting up seems impossible but staying  in bed is just too painful of a defeat…

In those moments when I find myself losing sight of who I am, 

I look at this picture, without makeup, no hair do, not fancy dress, just me 

And I remember that I’m going to be alright, 

That I’m just a girl trying her best

And that is all anyone can do, just try your best… 

So today I’m going to smile and be proud of who I am…

Look how far I have come for me, for my daughter, 

For all the ones that came before me, so that I can be here changing the world with my doing, 

And for those who will come after my time, walking through open doors full of possibilities, so they too can look back and be proud 

Today I will smile…

because I am awesome 

and I don’t need anyone else think so!! 

Alejandra Negrete 


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