Wouldn’t you?

Have you ever looked at the sky and wonder
as you watch the colors of the sun set change the sky
if you too could fly away
change like the clouds and find better winds to carry your wings
look at the world from far above
where no one can touch your dreams
take away your smile
or play with your emotions as if they didn’t matter 

Don’t you wish you could fly away with the seasons
meet new people and see the world
as if you only had one chance to see it all
sit in the gardens forgotten by this fast moving life
read by the waterfalls hidden from the stress of this race to make it on top

Walk away slowly and calm
as if this life was more than a next pay check
enjoy every breath you take
rather than been reminder at yoga class that yes you are breathing 

Sleep in under the stars just because, there is not a reason not to
dream about dragons and fairies
fighting battles of pretend where no kids get hurt 

Wouldn’t you like to love
without fear to fail
with certainty that it will not hurt
with dignity and slef respect
and yet with all willingness to give it all away…

Wouldn’t you ?

Dance until you feet move with out second though
And your heart is beating at the beat of this thing call happiness
And cry tears of joy
Because life is beautiful and
You are here alive and dancing 

Close your eyes and feel
The summer breeze
And the heat of the sun kissing your skin
As the minutes wondering away
And you have no hurry to get then back
Because you are where you need to be
And everything else will wait 

Listening to the world go about
And know that you are not running without breath
Instead you are walking with the certainty that it will be ok
Today and every day
from this day forward 

Because, why wouldn’t be Ok? You survive this far, don’t you think is about time to start feeling alive ?

Alejandra Negrete




When the world gets too busy, and life seems overwhelming…

When all the days run into each other and time keeps running through my fingers…

When I failed even with the smallest things…

When I forget who I am…

When I lose my smile in the midst of the day…

When getting up seems impossible but staying  in bed is just too painful of a defeat…

In those moments when I find myself losing sight of who I am, 

I look at this picture, without makeup, no hair do, not fancy dress, just me 

And I remember that I’m going to be alright, 

That I’m just a girl trying her best

And that is all anyone can do, just try your best… 

So today I’m going to smile and be proud of who I am…

Look how far I have come for me, for my daughter, 

For all the ones that came before me, so that I can be here changing the world with my doing, 

And for those who will come after my time, walking through open doors full of possibilities, so they too can look back and be proud 

Today I will smile…

because I am awesome 

and I don’t need anyone else think so!! 

Alejandra Negrete 

If I tell you I love you, would you believe me?

I been holding on to all my fears so that I didn’t forget get the pain while you have me dancing in clouds, 

I know is not a healthy way to go about loving, but you see, your eyes have the power to erase all my doubts and your smile takes me to cloud 9 in a second…

Yet when you let go… Well the pain kills me a million times in a second and I just can’t let go again..

And I keep forgetting to tell you that I love you dearly, even when I’m dying by your doing, I couldn’t go on without you. 

So I hope you believe me when I say I love you today and always…

Alejandra Negrete 

Where are you little girl? 

I been walking around, looking for a girl that I used to know, I lost her sometime ago when a boy took her heart and showed her the world. Don’t get me wrong he loved her dearly, but she was to young to know what to do with love that great. So little by little she killed it almost as an act of slef destruction, she couldn’t believe that she deserved love so great. And with this act of terrorism to herself she took him down a dark road, one he was hoping never to see again. But he loved her to much to walk away. Time pass and things would get better at times, but some how they always found themselves walking through hell. Forgetting that they hold each others salvation in there hands. The pain was to big, and that battles with there own demons left them blind to love. The bed grew colder with every night they were to loss to find each other again. I seen this girl sometimes wondering when I will find her again, she shows herself in back of the mirror, and sadly disappear with disappointment when I ignore her pleas to saver her. I seen that boy too the one that with a smile came to lover her , and she shot him with lies and confusion. He stood up any ways and loved her every day until his heart couldn’t  give her more, and slowly turned cold and broken. So here they are lost in the race of the world hoping the pain would stop as the power through the to do of the world….

Alejandra Negrete 


Is a beautiful spring day, the sun is shining bright and the sky is a breath taking deep blue, the grass is green and soft, and my soul wishes it  could fly through the clouds and leave my sorrows in the ground…

Close my eyes and travel to memories of better times, when my heart smiled at the hope of a new day and at the expectation of seeing love at my doorstep…

Those were great days… Full of laughter and hope, sun and sand. Even in winter nights there reason to smile at the heat of love. 

Yet today still a great day, even when my heart feels heavy, the day is bright and full of hope for an adventure…

Alejandra Negrete